The Effective Mindset Training System

Through our proprietary Effective Mindset Training System (EMTS) we are able to provide a simple and easy to utilize process of learning to identify and understand the various factors influencing thought-behavioral patterns.

We provide this comprehensive training through direct and indirect teaching, utilization of manuals and worksheets to categorize, define and describe the most common characteristics, goals, motives, desires, beliefs, fears, emotions, messages and behaviors.

Together we analyze the past and provide coaching in the present, toward better functioning in the future
James Giantis, Founder.

Mentoring ultimately is about guiding a recipient to learn how to be a better leader of themselves

By better understanding how these elements can influence and impact beneficial or detrimental outcomes, the recipients can learn to make wiser decisions internally and relationally. Ultimately, learning to develop and maintain positive and constructive messaging to themselves and others, regardless of any internal or relational obstacles.

The mastery of self-leadership is a lifelong pursuit and requires constant attention and management, and we provide all of the information needed to continue that quest with the best chance for success. We provide mentees with a clear vision of what to do and not do. To learn the skills and utilize the tools necessary to effectively manage themselves.