Leadership Training In Schools

Many youth experience challenges in their everyday lives due to issues such as physical or psychological learning disabilities, poor family environments, physical abuse, or lack of proper decision-making skills. As they face these issues and continue to grow into adults, the opportunity to learn how to successfully problem-solve and make well-informed choices is essential.

Our Solution

They are in need of mentors who are capable of receiving their messages of aggression and discomfort grace, empathy, humility and education instead of hostility or indifference.

We welcome the opportunity to work with any school or organization to help youth build greater independence and live more productive existences.

Our services are provided in a variety of ways:

1) Small and large group sessions utilizing sports, physical training, games, recreational activities, hobbies and interests as part of the training process.

2) Group training in a classroom setting utilizing either direct or indirect teaching methods.

3) Individual mentoring with youth, parents, and teachers

The Process

The San Diego Mentors team participates with the group during activities while consistently role modeling the expected standard of calm-assertive behavior. When situations arise during discussions or activities that provide opportunities for direct teaching, we provide in-the-moment feedback regarding behaviors and their influencing factors.

Youth mentoring services within the school setting are focused on teaching the factors that influence their thoughts, emotions, behaviors and desires towards productive or unproductive outcomes. The intention is to role model, directly teach, and provide opportunities for the youth to practice the calm-assertive approach.

Professional and parent training is designed to teach staff and parents how to facilitate the process of activating a calm-assertive approach in their students or children. This training will include discipline systems to constructively teach youth greater problem-solving and decision-making skills, and how to respond to others in the most beneficial manner regardless of what behaviors are exhibited. Ultimately the goal is for the individual staff member to learn to influence students in a healthy and productive way.

San Diego Mentors’ training explores and educates on concepts such as belief, fear, need, desire, reactions and emotions, and how they factor into behavior. All services include the observation of individual behavioral patterns and relational dynamics, utilization of workbooks, verbal feedback, role modeling and direct and indirect teaching methods.

Services have been provided at the following locations:

The Monarach School (ongoing for the past 8 years)
Epiphany Prep Charter School
Toussaint Academy for Foster Youth