Organizational Personnel Training

There are many negative factors influencing the youth of today, and their reactions can cause a disturbance to the educational process. The lack of organizational resources, the pressure to provide a safe, stable and secure learning environment and the scholastic demands can become overwhelming. We would like to do our part to help provide additional support and structure to the personnel who need it most.

The Program

Together we analyze problematic scenarios and develop a philosophy, system and approach to facilitate more personal ownership and responsibility to function more adequately and independently.

Professional training is designed to teach staff how to facilitate the process of activating a calm-assertive approach in their students. This training will include discipline systems to constructively teach youth greater problem-solving and decision-making skills, and how to respond to others in the most beneficial manner regardless of what behaviors are exhibited. Ultimately the goal is for the individual staff member to learn to influence students in a healthy and productive way.

We are flexible and versatile enough to provide any or all of the following services: individual consultations, small or large group training. With the goal of developing a more conducive environment to education and learning.

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