The Impact

Since 1998, the team at San Diego Mentors has provided invaluable programming to thousands of youth and families. We provide the training necessary to help any child with any background with any level of skill and willingness to learn, practice, refine and master the skills necessary to navigate through life more successfully regardless of the pending adversity.

The Challenges

In interviews with students, many of them have expressed difficulty in:

Getting to school on time or at all
Acquiring the proper amount of quality sleep
Staying focused on the scholastic material in class
Difficulty managing their emotions
Prone to react through passivity or aggression
Difficulty understanding their thoughts and emotions
Trouble being compliant and cooperative
Expressing themselves calmly and assertively
Self-image, worth and significance
Friendship and romantic relationship challenges
The temptation of drug and alcohol usage
The allure of joining gangs
Becoming apathetic

These struggles create difficult barriers for students as they work toward developing into productive, thoughtful and successful young men and women. Because of these struggles, it is beneficial for them to work with mentors who can help them better understand the factors influencing their patterns of thought, emotions, desires and behavior. They need people who genuinely care and are willing to listen to them while teaching them to think, feel and act in more productive ways.

The Numbers

Since 1998 our programs have provided:

Mentoring to nearly 10,000 youth

Coaching to over 5,000 parents

Coaching to over 1,000 individuals

Coaching to 1,500 families

Mentoring to nearly 1,000 campers

Leadership training to 1,500 organizational personnel

Testimonials of the Impact

Before San Diego Mentors was introduced to our organization, we were lacking in performance, problem-solving and overall well-being. We were not providing the service to our clients that we had set out to in the beginning and our team was losing faith in our mission. SDM worked side by side with our organization and TOGETHER we were able to analyze and understand the problems as well as bring to the surface some of the internal struggles that each of us had that affected our performance. OIT helped us develop new and improved skills, a more effective problem-solving process and a new vision that our organization can now believe in and strive for.
I’m confident that as our organization continues to grow and evolve that we will be able to maintain our new found hope, joy, and purpose collectively. Without the present system that SDM clearly laid out and defined, where we are and are going would have never been possible. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
"Hiring SDM was the best decision I’ve made since starting the organization. Their team helped guide myself and my employees to uncover the issues holding back productivity and effectiveness and get to the core of what drives us and makes our organization great. The cloud has been lifted and my employees are activated and more engaged than ever before. SDM let us be ourselves and never preached or came from a place of arrogance. Their approach put us at ease and helped break through our discomforts. If you’re looking to take your organization to the next level I fully recommend SDM and the system they stand for.

Isaac Hunter