Mentoring. Become a better leader of yourself.

In 1998, we developed a for-profit organization, Families In Training, an in-home and community mentoring program for youth and families struggling through severe adversity. This eventually led to parent and family coaching, and the level of positive impact drew in private schools seeking leadership training for their students and staff.

In early 2013, we were introduced to the Monarch School, a public school for children and adolescents grades K-12 struggling through severe adversity including homelessness and residential instability. At first, we began volunteering our services there until it became clear we needed to form a nonprofit organization to provide even more opportunity for the students in need of mentoring and leadership training.

The Next Step

This process eventually led to more opportunity to provide more mentoring and leadership training to other similar types of schools. We realized the need for year round mentoring for many of these students and began providing summer day camps focused on leadership training through sports, fitness, recreation and discussion.

Our team of full time, career mentors grew to 10 and we have since averaged 10 hours per week providing 1:1 mentoring, classroom instruction, small and large group training, parenting classes, individual and team personnel consultations and summer day camps. Primarily this has occurred in the schools and at various parks and recreation centers.

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