Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get your program within our school?

If you are interested in our services for your school please contact us here or at

What would your program look like within our school?

We have provided similar services in a number of schools simultaneously and ideally would like to be involved with every school, yet at this time it is only feasible to work with three schools at a time at the most. There are a number of factors involved and we would like to discuss this in greater detail with you. Contact us here or at

What does the organizational personnel training entail?

As with all of our services, we can be flexible, adjust and adapt to the needs of your team, either through individual, small or large team training and consultation we will find a way to provide your training needs.

What days and times are the camps?

A day camp can be customized for any day of the week or weekend and nearly any timeframe. Summer camp times are Monday through Friday between the hours of 10:00AM-3:00PM

Who is welcome to join San Diego Mentors Youth Leadership Camps?

Boys and girls ages 7 to 15 are welcome to attend.

What is the price for a day camp?

Through private donations and grant funding, we are able to provide a spot at camp for a number of youth at no cost. In addition, we also offer the same camps for youth and families who can afford them, in an effort to provide a wider variety of access to kids from all sorts of backgrounds with all sorts of personalities.

For more information about specific pricing, potential discounts, and scholarship information, please contact us at

Where are the camps located?

Camps can be held at a variety of parks and recreation centers throughout San Diego County with special emphasis on the following areas: La Jolla, UTC, 4S Ranch, Carmel Valley, Mission Valley and Rancho Santa Fe. Summer Camps in 2020 are located at Doyle Recreation in UTC. Contact us to inquire about setting up a camp in your area.

What activities will the camps include?

Commonly, youth participate in a variety of sports, fitness and recreational activities with karate and swimming added when possible. Day camps also include 1:1 mentoring, group training and involve a variety of challenges, puzzles and team building exercises.

What if my child is not very athletic? Is this the right camp for them?

We will always customize our approach to the skill level of the child. Part of the process of learning to become a better self-leader, problem-solver and decision-maker is starting at a low level of skill and progressively developing that skill. There are tremendous benefits to this process, and ultimately is one of the keys to a fulfilling life.

Are Youth Leadership Camps right for my child?

Our program brings together kids from different backgrounds who typically have some sort of difficulty at home, in school or in the community.

The majority of our campers require staff with a higher level of skill, training and experience, as well as a more customized camp experience. Our full-time and year-round staff are well trained and educated to manage a variety of behavioral challenges.

Many of our kids have not done well with traditional therapies, psychologists or psychiatrists. Our innovative approach helps kids settle into the camp experience to truly get as much as possible out of their time. We specialize with kids who struggle with screen addiction, social difficulties, apathy, irresponsibility, rebelliousness, difficulty focusing, and learning challenges.