Program Details

Within our Leadership Camps we use direct teaching, role modeling, discussions, storytelling and feedback to analyze previous, or “live in the moment” events, within which trainees are provided the opportunity to learn critical thinking, problem solving, solution development and decision-making skills.

The training process includes the utilization of workbooks, study materials, instruction, discussion, role modeling and “live in the moment” individual and group instruction with particular focus on the following concepts:

Understanding Leadership

Characteristics of Ineffective Leadership

Responsibilities of a Leader

Leadership Expression (aggression vs. assertion)

Internal Barriers to a Goal

Tasks and Missions

Negative Consequences of Ineffective Leadership

Problem Analysis

Internal Resources

Decision Making

Characteristics of Effective Leadership

Forms of Leadership

Purpose of Leadership

Developing Critical Thinking Skills

External Barriers to a Goal

Benefits of Effective Leadership

10 main Influences of Leadership Problem Analysis

Solution Development

External Resources

Cost-Benefit Analysis

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Leadership Training

Founder James Giantis, through three decades of education, training and experience has developed the innovative and comprehensive Effective Mindset Training System™ (EMTS). The system is designed to simplify the process of understanding the most common factors influencing individual thought-behavioral patterns and relational dynamics, and is adaptable to the learning needs and style of each recipient.

Would your son or daughter benefit from:

Overcoming self-doubt, fear, stress, anger, grief or guilt?

Living with more intention, purpose and productivity?

Balancing independence and dependence?

Becoming a better leader, sibling and student?

Developing a more enjoyable balance between interests, play and rest?

The Effective Mindset Training System

The EMTS program is designed to help anyone, regardless of background and at any age, refine and master the 5 skills of Self-Leadership that lead to a more purposeful, comfortable and fulfilling life:

Camp Purpose

Youth Leadership Camps focus on leadership training for youth of all ages, skill level and challenges. Through the utilization of sports, fitness and recreation, recipients learn how to better problem solve, make more-informed decisions and become more effective leaders of themselves and others.

Strengthening and balancing these skills is the key to effective thinking, feeling and acting within the home, school and community.

sports training and mentoring

Whether they realize it or not, your child is a leader and all leaders experience problems. How we solve these problems correlates with how much we experience the valuable fulfillment of sense of control, power, freedom, peace, joy, oppportunity, purpose and productivity. The more your child increases their skill at analyzing problems and developing solutions, the more adept a leader your child will become, and the greater quality of life they will experience.

Our Leadership Camps allow the opportunity for your child to learn the EMTS while also developing and maintaining relationships with friends and peers, and provide an opportunity to play, have fun and work within the guidance, support and structure provided by experienced mentors.