Common Challenges

Many San Diego youth struggle to maintain the proper balance of work, play and fun. Some are hyper-involved, stressed or overwhelmed with the mental and physical demands of school, home or athletics, while others are deactivated and prefer isolation, withdrawing into video games, social media, computers or television. Either extreme causes imbalance, which lead to problems that require sustainable solutions. Our leadership camps work to overcome:

Small groups

Screen addiction


Lack of skill

Difficulty with expression

Health challenges

Difficulty listening

Poor fitness levels

General disinterest in activity

Learning difficulties

Physical weakness





Excessive stress, fear, guilt, resentment, or grief

Youth Mentoring

Benefits of EMTS™ Training

Quite often, parents see immediate benefits to the Effective Mindset Training System™, though it is expected that over time the growth will continue to be realized. Here are just a few of the many benefits that can be derived from the EMTS™ Training Program:

Improved overall ability and willingness to function more productively

Increased balance and moderation of activities

Improved relational skill ability and willingness

Improved fitness levels of strength, flexibility and endurance

Increased confidence and competence with sport specific skills

Improved ability and willingness to contribute as a teammate

Improved courage to overcome inaccurate and unproductive fears & beliefs

Improved problem-solving skills

Increased ability and willingness to effectively manage discomfort

Increase in the activation of hope, faith and courage

Improved responsibility

Improved resilience

Improved decision–making

Improved respect

Improved resourcefulness

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