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"If one member of our community is struggling we all are too"

Our team of career mentors is dedicated to live as responsibly and constructively as possible to be of benefit to the youth, parents, families and organization we influence. It is our hope that our impact will provide them the opportunity to live a life of more fulfillment, productivity and contribution to make the San Diego Community a better place.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the role modeling, teaching and training to youth struggling through severe adversity to learn, develop and master the 5 skills of self-leadership:

1) Self-Understanding

2) Understanding of others

3) Relational skills

4) Self-management

5) Goal Accomplishment

The Goal

To facilitate youth to become effective problem solvers and more informed decision makers. To learn to better navigate their internal and relational environments to produce more beneficial outcomes, live a more fulfilling life and to contribute to the overall well-being of the community.

Our training system provides the mentees the opportunity to think critically, objectively and accurately despite negative influences impacting their mindsets, perspective and beliefs. The goal is to help them form new and improved patterns of behavior and relational dynamics. To become more responsible, respectful, resourceful and resilient youth and young adults.

Our primary focus is to provide service to those with less fortunate starts to life. We want everyone to have a fair chance to live a fruitful life and recognize many kids without parents or families, or living in dangerous or stressful scenarios need the proper role modeling and training to learn how to rise through adversity and live more intentionally and with greater purpose.