Since 1998, San Diego Mentors has provided leadership training to youth, adolescents, parents, families and school personnel. Our team of educated, well trained and experienced mentors are prepared to help guide recipients to think more critically, refine and master the skills necessary to better problem solve and make the most informed decisions as individuals and relationally with others.

Individual mentoring for your child, parent coaching and family training. An innovative fee-for-service program for those struggling with severe behavioral challenges.

Year-round leadership day camps, utilizing sports, fitness & recreation. A nonprofit service for all youth. Donations help kids without the means to attend.

Leadership training within the school; would you like to donate to help provide services to those without financial resources?

Developing the mental, physical, emotional and social strength, endurance and flexibility of your child


"They made tough topics way easier to talk about"

"They knew so much about me and my problems"

"I had a lot of fun and got to play all day"

"I loved it, wish we could go everyday"

"We got to play all kinds of sports, go swimming and even learned some karate"

"I got to meet some new kids who have the same problems"

"I was impressed. It was clear they have a lot of experience working with kids"

"He keeps asking me when the next camp is"

"I couldn’t believe how much they went into difficult topics like their fears and weaknesses"

"I wanted my son to get outside and play more and meet some new kids, mission accomplished"

"My son needed to find other options besides the computer and video games"

The San Diego Mentors staff transformed our school climate by providing our faculty with the knowledge and skills required to empower our inner-city youth and create a culture of accountability at our Charter School.

Sarah Raskin Founder, Charter School

San Diego Mentors integrates a genuine understanding of our student's challenges into every aspect of their approach.

Erin Spiewak CEO, Monarch School

San Diego Mentors has had a huge impact on the behavior of students and parents because of the genuine and caring relationships they build and the trusting environment they create.

Marisol Alvarado Director of Student Services, Monarch School